Consumer Studies

Consumer Tests

Such tests, performed at home on a representative panel of the target population, consist in evaluating the products under real conditions of use.

Other types of studies

Online surveys, also carried out on a representative panel of the target population but among a larger number of panelists than a Consumer Test, aim at discovering the consumer’s purchase behavior or outlook on a given topic, an innovation, or even the positioning of a product.

More occasionally, IRIS conducts custom-made, medically documented tolerance or efficacy studies in collaboration with the IRIS networking independent dermatologists. Such studies can be observational or multicenter clinical trials.

Fields of expertise

IRIS’ studies cover the main cosmetic product categories

IRIS Consumer Panel

Constantly evolving, the panel consists of thousands of consumers aged from 18 to +70 years old spread throughout France, whose profiles are detailed by more than one hundred specific criteria.

For studies run abroad, the panels involved belong to partner companies.

Countries where tests are performed

France, Europe, Asia and different other markets thanks to partnerships.