About Us

A qualified and recognized partner in the cosmetics industry since 1993, IRIS offers this industry a high added value operational support in the areas of Cosmetovigilance (also known as Cosmetics Vigilance) and Consumer Studies.

Speaking of Cosmetovigilance, IRIS assists and advises the key industry players (Responsible Persons and/or Distributors) from the investigation of undesirable effects up to the preparation of the notification of the Serious Undesirable Effects (SUEs) to the Competent Authorities.

IRIS’ skills and capabilities, covering both the medical and methodological knowledge, have positioned the company as expert in the investigation and analysis of Cosmetovigilance cases, namely thanks to:

  • A European coverage, expanded to different countries around the globe
  • An extensive external network of cooperating physicians
  • A thorough understanding of the regulatory challenges

IRIS’ solutions with regards to their Consumer Studies on cosmetic products, meet the needs and expectations of manufacturers who wish to validate their cosmetic formulas’ acceptability and performances, namely thanks to:

  • A proprietary panel of thousands of consumers in France
  • The conduct of international studies through partnerships
  • A substantial data records history broken down by cosmetic categories


  • Independence, impartiality, ethics and rigour
  • Spirit of attentive listening and partnership
  • Contribution to consumer safety and operational support for industry players


As early as 1993, IRIS arose from a need identified by the cosmetics industry. During that same year, the Cosmetovigilance Center was created and followed, one year later, by the addition of the department of Consumer Studies. In the early-2000s, IRIS and its sister-company LANATECH were brought together under the holding named SIRICIE SAS.

After the acquisition of SIRICIE SAS by ATRIUM BIOTECHNOLOGIES in 2003, and then by Groupe UNIPEX in 2008, IRIS became the « Services » division of this group, thus completing the already existing solutions offered in the fields of « Distribution » and « Production ».

In 2012, SIRICIE and LUCAS MEYER COSMETICS merge and as a result of the foregoing IRIS becomes part of LUCAS MEYER COSMETICS business unit.

In 2015, International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF), a leading global creator of flavors and fragrances, has acquired Lucas Meyer Cosmetics in July 2015.